Local Church Resources

As you carry out ministry at the local church, the resources below may be beneficial to you.

Adventist Women


History of Adventist Women’s Ministry – View Powerpoint
Seminar: Spiritual Beauty Depend on the Word – View Powerpoint


Women’s Ministries Local Church Coordinator – Description of Responsibilities – View Document


Role of the Local Church Treasurer

The gathering and handling of funds for the Lord’s work is a sacred responsibility.  The proper channel through which these funds flow is first from members to the local church, where the treasurer receives the funds.  The treasurer disburses funds intended for t local church purposes.  The treasurer holds in trust and passes on to the Conference treasurer funds intended for Conference or general purposes.  The treasurer of the local church works under the direction of the Board.  Treasurers do not act independently.  They disburse funds only by action or authority of responsible committees.

Online Stationary Request Form

Click here to access the form to order supplies, such as GST Blank Forms, Monthly Report Book, Receipt Book and Tithe Envelopes.

Forms & Templates

Cash Management Fund Online Application – View Form 
Cash Management Facility Signatory Form – View Form
Electronic Tithes & Offerings Terms & Conditions, Application for Password – View Form
Timesheets – View Form


Treasurer’s Manual – View Document 
Church Manual – View Document

Order Forms

Online Stationary Request Form – Access Form 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tithe? – Click Here
Where does my tithe go? –  Click Here 
Where does my offering go? –  Click Here
What is stewardship? – Click Here
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