PURCHASE RECORDING of Seminar COGNITIVE HEALTH—the critical role of diet & lifestyle

Recorded at Sydney Adventist Hospital, 15 November 2017

Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos: Mediterranean diet and a healthy brain.

The traditional Mediterranean diet has been linked to protection from cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and more recently neurodegenerative diseases. In this talk Dr Itsiopoulos, a professor of nutrition, will explore the anti-inflammatory potential of this traditional diet and its role in the prevention and management of chronic diseases, particularly cognitive decline.

Dr Ross Grant: Biochemical processes linking lifestyle to healthy brain function.

Dr Grant, a biochemical pharmacologist, will summarise central biochemical processes linked to the neurodegenerative damage associated with Alzheimer’s dementia and outline the links between lifestyle, oxidative inflammatory activity and neurodegenerative disease.

Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM: Misinformation and the rise of the non-expert.

The evidence favouring a plant-dominant diet, such as the traditional Mediterranean diet with its emphasis on vegetables, legumes, fruits, grains, nuts and olive oil is strong. Yet popular authors and online bloggers loudly dispute the health benefits identified by Ancel Keys and others. Dr Stanton, Australia’s best known media dietitian, will explore who is right and where we should look for evidence.

Dr Darren Morton: Food and other evidence-based ways to improve mood.

Dr Morton, a university lecturer/researcher and exercise physiologist, will explore evidence-based strategies from lifestyle medicine and positive psychology for improving mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Learn how to prevent cognitive decline and stay mentally well

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