Employment Opportunity

“ADRA Housing Consultant (honorary position) – Do you have one day a week to help families struggling to avoid eviction?

Greater Sydney has been rescuing abused single mothers for the last decade. This work was pioneered by Leon Kessell and, more recently, by Peter Butcher from Windsor Adventist Church. Peter has put in four solid years, but needs a break.

To continue offering this service we need another ADRA volunteer who will assess family need and make referrals to Fund for Needy Persons (FFNP), our conference charity that has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. FFNP will then assess needs and, if appropriate, pay rental arrears to help families back on their feet. 

This honorary position requires good interpersonal, communication and some computer skills. The successful applicant will be trained to assist and refer individuals and families caught in a rental crisis.

Interested? Give Malcolm Rea, ADRA Director/FFNP Secretary, a call on 0401 631 584 or (02) 9868 6522.

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